Hyundai to offer drivers pay-by-car technology

Partnership with Xevo to adapt Xevo Market and develop Hyundai Wallet

Published: May 23, 2018, 9:30 PM
Updated: November 21, 2021, 3:02 PM

Hyundai interior with wallet screen

Taking the pay-by-phone concept to a more mobile level, Hyundai is developing technology to allow drivers to pay for purchases right from their centre-stack’s touchscreen.

With the strides in connectivity pairing on-board infotainment systems and smartphones, it only makes sense to further the mobile applications already controlled through the vehicle’s multimedia system to pay for coffee at the drive-thru, gas at the pump or parking at the pay-and-display terminal.

Hyundai will partner with Xevo, the Tier-1 automotive software supplier already used in millions of vehicles worldwide, to adapt Xevo Market (the merchant-to-user commerce platform) and develop Hyundai Wallet (to securely store credit card and PayPal information) to allow transmission of payment information from user to merchant.

“Once our owners experience placing a to-go order using their vehicle’s touchscreen and seamlessly routing to the location, we know they’re going to love it,” said Manish Mehrotra, Hyundai Motor America’s director of digital business planning and connected operations. “Offering easy-to-use payment options as part of navigation will simplify the driving experience and maximize time spent with eyes on the road.

“These new services work with the Hyundai Blue Link connected-car system to enhance the driving experience. This is why we have selected scenarios that are part of daily drives and longer trips,” he added. “Offering this level of convenience is part of our ongoing effort to create best-in-class ownership experiences.”

The technology is expected to initially allow for those quick, on-the-road scenarios, but Hyundai is exploring adding conveniences such as securing restaurant reservations, ordering take-out or paying for municipal EV charging. Understandably, some of the convenience features (especially ones that require too much attention, such as scanning a take-out menu) would not be available while the vehicle is in motion.

“Our innovative technology makes it possible for our partners to deliver the time-saving conveniences that consumers want,” concluded Xevo CEO Dan Gittleman. “The in-vehicle payment platform makes it possible for Hyundai customers to enjoy smarter, more efficient drives, and creates an opportunity for brands to directly reach consumers in their cars.”