If the world ends you don't pay!

Toronto dealer group offers unique sales pitch based on the end of the Mayan calendar

Published: December 3, 2012, 11:00 PM


Time is running out. At least it is if you're using a Mayan calendar.

The fact that December 21, 2012 marks the end of a major cycle in the calendar developed by the Maya, a native civilization that thrived in MesoAmerica in the first millennium, AD, has been interpreted by many as forecasting some cataclysmic event – perhaps the end of the world.

That mythology has been roundly debunked by archeologists specializing in Mayan culture, and even by NASA scientists. Just as the world keeps on going when your current calendar runs out on December 31, it will keep on going when the Mayan calendar ends, NASA says.

But just in case the world really does end on this year's winter solstice, a Toronto area dealer group has you covered.

The Humberview Group, comprising four General Motors dealers within the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), is offeringing apocalyptic deals at an "End of the World Clearance Event," with the proviso that, "If the world ends you don't pay!"

The dealers involved include Applewood Chevrolet in Mississauga, City Buick Chevrolet Cadillac in Toronto, Humberview Buick GMC in Etobicoke and Humberview Chevrolet in Etobicoke.

The unique sales event, which they're also calling a Molten Lava Liquidation, ends on December 21. But if the world doesn't end on that date, you're on the hook for whatever you bought.