Infiniti teases new mid-size utility offering

QX Sport Inspiration will likely become replacement for current model

Published: April 14, 2016, 1:30 PM
Updated: April 18, 2016, 12:02 PM

Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration

Infiniti is expanding its utility vehicle line-up with a mid-sized sport utility (or crossover utility, depending on how rugged it looks) to slot in somewhere between the compact QX50 and the full-sized QX80.

The current line-up, though, already has the slot filled with both a QX60 (the 7-seat crossover previously called JX) and a QX70 (the sporty former FX), so the QX Sport Inspiration concept likely points to a replacement for one or the other.

Our best guess is that this is going to be the new QX70 (FX), which is the “Sport”ier of the two, and which has been around without a redesign the longest. Infiniti isn’t giving us much to go on except the teaser shot, but perhaps the description in the accompanying release offers some clues.

It follows the new Powerful Elegance design theme, which was first seen on the Q60 coupe concept introduced in Detroit last year (which paved the way for the production Q60 coupe introduced at the beginning of the year). Like the Q60, it looks as if the QX concept has LED lights wrapping around the headlights, and it’s obviously muscular (again suggesting to us the more athletic-looking, bionic cheetah, FX lineage), with similar folds and creases along the lower fascia, similar to the Q60 concept.

“The QX Sport Inspiration expresses a power and purpose that is uniquely Infiniti,” said Alfonso Albaisa, Infiniti executive design director. “With a flowing, natural aesthetic, this concept demonstrates how Infiniti can offer something new and exciting with future QX SUV models.”

Also like the Q60 concept, the QX Sport Inspiration will feature floating A-pillars (which we believe means the blending of the windshield header into the panoramic glass roof). The vehicle will be introduced at the Beijing Auto Show at the end of April, and we expect we’ll be seeing a rear teaser and possibly a profile in the coming weeks before the official unveiling.