Jaguar Land Rover offers wrist watch control

Select functions include remote door locking and cabin climate control

Published: March 20, 2016, 9:30 PM
Updated: January 16, 2018, 5:52 PM

Jaguar Land Rover watch home screen

The Jaguar Land Rover accessories catalogue has just expanded in an offshoot sort of way with the introduction of an app to control vehicle functions from an Android Wear watch.

Android Watch

“This expansion of connectivity brings all the functionality of our Apple Watch app to Android devices and underlines Jaguar Land Rover’s dedication to its Connected Car Vision,” said Leon Hurst, Head of Digital and Connected Car, Product Marketing, Jaguar Land Rover

The new mobile app puts a host of vehicle control functions on the wearer’s wrist, with the ability to check on fuel, lock and unlock doors, and remotely start the engine and set the climate control. The app also allows the wearer to check on the vehicle’s location.

The on-board InControl Touch Pro infotainment system allows drivers to access their favourite mobile apps through each vehicle’s table style, quadcore processor touch screen in the instrument panel. Behaving like a mobile device with functionality such as swipe and pinch-and-zoom, the system also allows for onboard WiFi, weather and traffic updates on the fly, and tie ins to the GPS to alert appointments the driver is running late and what time to be expected.

Jaguar Activity Key

The watch app was introduced at London’s Wearable Technology Show at the beginning of March as part of wider demonstration of JLR’s digital and connected vehicle technologies, which also included the Activity Key demonstrated on the new Jaguar F-Pace crossover utility vehicle.

The Activity Key is a waterproof wristband that can deactivate the standard vehicle key and remotely access vehicle entry and exit. It is intended for owners who regularly participate in activities where carrying the traditional key might result in its loss or damage.

The Android Wear app will be available to all future Jaguar and Land Rover models, as well as to models currently fitted with InControl Remote and InControl Protect.