Jeep unveils six modified and concept vehicles

Mopar modified and concept vehicles debut at 46th Annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari

Published: March 27, 2012, 5:00 AM
Updated: April 29, 2018, 2:10 PM

Jeep, in conjunction with Chrysler’s Mopar parts and accessories brand, has created six new modified and concept vehicles for the annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah.

The six feature an array of Jeep Authentic Parts and Accessories, demonstrating the potential for personalization using Mopar products. Mopar chose the event to announce the formation of an off-road division to create Jeep Authentic Parts and Accessories.

They are:

·        Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk Concept – which adds even more legendary Jeep 4x4 capability;

·        Jeep Wrangler Apache – which introduces a new Mopar 6.4-liter HEMI V-8 conversion kit;

·        Mighty FC Concept – which features Mopar portal axles; harkens back to Jeep Forward Control models of 1950s and 1960s;     

·        Jeep J-12 Concept – which employs an extended version of Mopar JK-8 conversion kit;         

·        Mopar-accessorized Jeep Wrangler – which showcases many of the more than 250 Mopar offerings available for Wrangler;

·        Jeep Wrangler Traildozer – which is fitted with extreme 37-inch tires in another interpretation of a V-8 Wrangler.

Now in its 46th year, the Easter Jeep Safari, which takes place from March 31 to April 8, is typically attended by thousands of off-road enthusiasts who take on some of the country's most renowned and challenging trails.

"The Jeep Safari has long been a great way for Jeep to connect with its core audience,” said Mike Manley, President and CEO – Jeep Brand. “We look forward to spending the week demonstrating our latest potential production and customization ideas and gathering instant feedback from the most knowledgeable 4x4 enthusiasts in the world."

To create these new vehicles, Jeep teamed up with Mopar, which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year and offers more than 1,000 accessories and performance parts for Jeep vehicles.

"Mopar is tapping into a growing trend among extreme Jeep enthusiasts who want even more power and capability on the trail," said Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO of Mopar. "To further maximize our presence in the off-road market, we are creating a Mopar Off-Road division to develop Jeep Authentic Parts and Accessories."

New products from the group will be called Jeep Authentic Parts and Accessories. Each part and accessory will be specifically designed, built and quality-tested in order to meet strict Jeep specifications and fulfill the Jeep brand's requirements for 4x4 capability, craftsmanship and versatility.

Mopar is the source for all genuine parts and accessories for Chrysler Group and Fiat S.p.A. brands. Mopar (a contraction of the words MOtor and PARts) was trademarked as a brand for antifreeze in 1937.

During the 1960s – the muscle-car era – Chrysler built race-ready Dodge and Plymouth "package cars," equipped with special high-performance parts, and Mopar carried a line of "special parts" for super-stock drag racers and developed its racing parts division called Mopar Performance Parts. The brand has since expanded to include technical assistance and customer support.


A complete list of Mopar accessories and performance parts is available at