Kia stings the luxury market with new K900

Completely redesigned new-generation large sedan reimagined in every way

Published: March 28, 2018, 7:00 AM
Updated: April 30, 2018, 5:08 PM

2019 Kia K900 introduction

With its new Stinger fastback sedan furrowing into the sport-sedan segment, Kia took the opportunity at the 2018 New York International Auto Show to unveil its premium luxury sedan, the K900, to the world.

2019 Kia K900

Kia says the completely redesigned second-generation large sedan is reimagined in every way, establishing new standards for luxury, with a stately and dignified exterior design, beautifully crafted cabin displaying high-tech advancements and clad in premium materials, sophisticated ride performance and car-control confidence, and an extensive array of safety systems.

“The all-new 2019 K900 is much more than a generational redesign, as it takes on a whole new look, feel and character over its predecessor. Only its name – K900 – is carried over,” said Orth Hedrick, vice president of Product Planning for Kia Motors America. “Our designers and engineers have done an extraordinary job of reimagining the K900 to fully meet the needs and desires of consumers shopping in the luxury sedan segment with the promise of a tremendous value proposition that only Kia can deliver. The all-new K900 is a push into new territory and serves as further evidence this brand is moving in a forward direction.”

2019 Kia K900

The new generation is marginally longer and wider than its predecessor, though reimagined presentation makes it look tighter and smaller (especially in profile). The upscale design features are evident from the very nose-tip, with the “quadric pattern” signature grille dazzling with 176 jewel-like cells, and radiating back with natural-flowing lines over the hood and around the fenders, sweeping back to the tail.

Power comes from the 365-hp 3.3-litre twin turbo V-6 that also powers Stinger, is controlled by an 8-speed automatic, and delivers power to all four wheels via a torque vectoring system. Ride and handling is entrusted to a fully independent suspension (including a new front multi-link setup) and optional Electronically Controlled Suspension that uses acceleration wheel sensors to adapt to changing road conditions.

2019 Kia K900 interior

The interior is elegant and minimalist, providing occupants with a simple, modern and comfortable retreat presented in a variety of premium designs and materials. Front seats are heated and ventilated, rear seats are reclinable and can be fitted with heating and ventilation, and adaptive lighting behind controls brightens the switch when it senses fingers nearing.

Safety features and driving aids include surround-view monitor that uses cameras that also keep an eye on blind-spots, rear cross traffic, and potential obstacles in front.

2019 Kia K900

The car will be built alongside Stinger in South Korea and come to the North American market in fall 2018, with more details, trim and equipment levels, and pricing announced at that time.