Land Rover marketing targets younger enthusiasts

Land Rover branded iCandy stroller first ever to debut at Frankfurt Show

Published: September 16, 2017, 10:30 PM
Updated: September 22, 2017, 6:07 AM

iCandy for Land Rover Peach All-Terrain

iCandy for Land Rover Peach All-Terrain branding

Luxury brands trying to attract younger users is not new marketing, but Land Rover is taking the strategy to a new level by partnering with iCandy World in creating the iCandy for Land Rover Peach All-Terrain special edition stroller.

iCandy’s Peach All-Terrain is a 3-wheeled stroller (or pushchair, across the pond) that offers better control on softer surfaces. The company recently introduced a conversion kit to replace the smaller front wheel assembly with a dual-wheel module, and the Land Rover tribute model will be the first ready-made iCandy All Terrain model when it comes to market in spring 2018. It was introduced at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show (a first).

“Becoming the first nursery brand to launch a pushchair at the Frankfurt Motor Show is a great honour, and we are sure parents will love the adventure potential of this exciting collaborative partnership,” enthused Bradley Appel, Joint CEO for iCandy.

iCandy for Land Rover Peach All-Terrain front wheels

With input from both companies, the iCandy for Land Rover Peach All-Terrain reportedly features instantly recognizable style and functionality of both a Land Rover sport utility vehicle and an iCandy stroller, though we’ll point out that it’s more recognizable as the latter than the former.

“We are excited to be collaborating with such a great British brand,” said Lindsay Weaver, Merchandising and Licensing director for Jaguar Land Rover. “A perfect combination of design and functionality, the striking iCandy for Land Rover Special Edition pushchair will offer a unique opportunity to experience the essence of the Land Rover brand at first hand; both in terms of functionality and style”.

2017 Land Rover Discovery

That said, it is an “all-terrain” vehicle and there aren’t many better in the world at excelling in all surfaces than Land Rovers, so the link is understandable. And, it does have Land Rover cues, such as the signature grille pattern (on the stroller’s fabric hood) and the fine seat stitching. Land Rover also provides a bespoke backpack that slides into the basket below the seat.

“The iCandy for Land Rover Peach All-Terrain is a true labour of love between both iconic brands with 154 years combined manufacturing and design pedigree,” concluded iCandy’s Appel. “Every aspect of the pushchair has been meticulously considered, with the attention to detail astounding, and the smooth all terrain ride unlike anything currently on the market.”

iCandy for Land Rover Peach All-Terrain handlebar

The iCandy for Land Rover Peach All-Terrain Special Edition will be one of the features at Cologne’s Kind Und Jugend trade fair — the leading international trade fair for infant outfitting — and will be available in stores and online from both iCandy and Land Rover in Spring 2018, priced at about £1500 (about $2,500 Canadian).