Lincoln extends chauffeured services

MIami's Lincoln Chauffeur pilot program now also available in San Diego

Published: May 13, 2017, 10:05 PM
Updated: May 19, 2017, 1:38 PM

2017 Lincoln Continental with Matthew McConaughey

You know those Lincoln commercials with Matthew McConaughey? And in some scenes, he’s sitting in the rear seat relaxing? And you think “why would he own a car and then sit in the back seat?” It turns out there’s a reason behind the image.

Lincoln has a chauffeur program, in partnership with RedCap Technologies, whereby owners can have somebody chauffeur them around while they enjoy their rides from the comfort of the rear seat.

Lincoln Chauffeur is currently a pilot project, available only in Miami and San Diego, that offers carefully screened, highly trained drivers as needed to chauffeur Lincoln owners to their engagements. The chauffeur would also be available to run errands (such as fuelling or washing the vehicle, or picking up dry-cleaning) while the Lincoln owner is at the event.

“This service is generating a lot of interest among Lincoln owners,” says Eric Cin, Lincoln client services manager. “They’re using it for dinner dates, for doctor appointments; they’re recognizing just how convenient it is to have this option available.”

The idea is to provide Lincoln buyers another value-added and effortless experience, along with another Lincoln Way initiative, the Pickup and Delivery service that uses a valet to pick up the Lincoln customer’s vehicle for servicing, leaves a loaner vehicle behind for the owner’s use, and then returns the freshly washed vehicle following service. The initiative is included in all 2017 Lincolns.

The At Home Test Drive is another pilot program currently in place in Houston and Dallas. In the program, prospective buyers schedule a test drive and have their chosen Lincoln vehicle delivered to their homes to test.