Lincoln has bigger plans for Navigator

Extended length full-sized SUV features roomier more luxurious cabin

Published: June 26, 2017, 2:00 AM
Updated: June 29, 2017, 5:27 AM

2018 Lincoln Navigator L

Ford chose the longest day of the year to unveil its new extended-length Navigator for 2018 — Lincoln’s longest, and most luxurious and spacious SUV.

2018 Lincoln Navigator L

Like the previous generation, the all-new Navigator L rides on a wheelbase that is 305 mm (about a foot) longer than the regular model, and translates all of that into increased cabin space for passengers and cargo (although exact measurements have yet to be disclosed), as well as using the extra body length to create larger rear doors to make getting in and out of the middle and 3rd row seats easier.

Speaking of the third row, the large SUV also features an extra 425 litres of cargo volume behind the rearmost seats, with below-floor storage making it easier for cargo to be compartmentalized to keep things orderly, whether it’s used for getting groceries or loading up for a weekend getaway.

2018 Lincoln Navigator L cargo area

Introduced at the same time, the Destination interior theme (a Black Label choice, joining Chalet and Yacht Club) that celebrates the art of travel with Mahogany Red Venetian diamond-weave leather and laser-etched khaya wood trim, the combination of which was reportedly inspired by vintage luggage.

The Navigator Black Label Series comes with Perfect Position Seats and forward collision avoidance and mitigation, as well as a host of owner services such as lifetime complimentary car washes and complimentary rentals at select travel destinations.

“(Black Label is) our ultimate expression of design and personal service,” said Doug Hange, Lincoln Black Label brand and operations manager. “It offers an upgraded vehicle that’s appealing to many clients. And the member privileges open up a whole level of options.”

Both regular and extended length 2018 Navigators are due in fall 2017.