Mazda hints at new CUV with Kuero concept

Could become CX-9 replacement or new crossover coupe

Published: August 8, 2015, 4:00 AM
Updated: November 23, 2021, 12:00 PM

Mazda KOERU concept

Mazda will be showing off its Koeru concept, rumoured to become the new CX-9 full-sized crossover in production, at the Frankfurt Motor Show in about a month.

Size is difficult to judge from the teaser sketch released by Mazda, but the length of the side between the muscular wheel well flares suggests a large vehicle. On the other hand, the squat side windows and ambiguity of a rear door line suggest this may be a crossover coupe similar to a Range Rover Evoque, which would in effect create a new mainstream market segment, if it’s brought into production.

Mazda says Koeru means “exceed” or “go beyond,” suggesting both an evolution of Kodo (soul of motion) and an expansion on the size and scope of Mazda’s utility market contenders.

The accompanying release further states that Koeru means to exceed existing category standards and stereotypes, again suggesting it could become a new CX-9 or new crossover coupe.

The design very evidently follows the Kodo theme that permeates the current crop of Mazda production vehicles, which suggests that if it does become a production vehicle, Kuero won’t show too much of a deviation from the family of utility vehicles it would join – CX-3, CX-5 and CX-7.

“Mazda aimed to impart the KOERU with the power and vitality of a wild animal while maintaining a sense of refined dignity,” Mazda states in the release.

True to that assertion, the grille seems to be more “shark nosed” than that of the CX family, but that’s hard to judge from a sketch that’s trying to convey dynamism.

Not much else is known at the moment, except that it will naturally use SKYactiv engines and other technologies.