Mazda to unveil new sports coupe concept

Tokyo Motor Show unveiling could pave way for new RX production car

Published: September 30, 2015, 9:00 AM
Updated: October 5, 2015, 5:17 PM

Teaser image of new Mazda sports car concept to be unveiled at 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

Mazda is getting set to unveil a sports coupe concept at the Tokyo Motor Show at the end of October and it could very well herald a new RX, though it’s not out of the question that the company is finally getting around to producing a coupe version of the MX-5.

Naturally, not much is known about the new car at this time, outside of a curvy silhouette from a rear three quarters view. The proportions are the typically long snout/short rear deck of a sports coupe and are similar to that of the recently introduced MX-5 roadster, but it’s hard to discern the size of the car.

The quad taillights are changed from the MX-5 (and appear more akin to those of the departed RX-8), which would lead us to believe this is not simply an adaptation of the current roadster. But then it is a concept, leaving the company free to explore design cues outside the realm of current philosophies.

A release accompanying the teaser photos said simply that the car “is modern but maintains a sense of lineage and authenticity, appearing almost to condense Mazda's entire history of sports car development into a single model,” which leads us to believe it may become a new RX, if (when) it comes to production.

Mazda confirmed at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show that it still had an engineering team dedicated to rotary engine development, and it should also be noted that we’re coming up on milestone anniversaries for the first production rotary engine (in the Cosmo Sport, sold elsewhere in the world as the 110S) and the first RX-7, so the concept could herald the coming of a new RX for 2017 (50th anniversary of the rotary) or 2018 (40th anniversary of the first RX-7).

And to muddy the speculation even further, the Cosmo Sport will share display space with the new concept, but so will the MX-5 in the form of a couple Global MX-5 Cup racing-spec roadsters.

So, it could be one or the other. Regardless, it will be exciting to actually see a new Mazda sports coupe in the flesh.