McLaren offers inspiration for bespoke Speedtail

Each Speedtail aspect will be tailored to the buyer’s exact requirements

Published: December 28, 2018, 9:30 PM
Updated: January 4, 2019, 2:51 AM

McLaren Speedtail Stratosphere

McLaren’s new Speedtail will offer its purchasers almost limitless customisation, but the company’s designers have created three collections meant to fire the imaginations of the 106 people who have put down a deposit on the new hyper-car that’s due to be delivered in 2020.

McLaren Speedtail Astral

Each aspect of the McLaren Speedtail will be tailored to the buyer’s exact requirements, but to help the process less intensive, McLaren’s Colour and Material design team has created an extensive and innovative range of design concepts, and arranged them in three collections — Urbane, Visionary and Dynamic.

Urbane has three themes to offer a sophisticated look with calm exterior hues and subtle and cool interior tones. One of the themes, Stratosphere, finishes the exterior in gloss full visual carbon fibre. It’s set off with bespoke, brushed light blue anodised aluminum brightwork (which is followed through to the interior). The badging is crafted in platinum with carbon inlay. Inside, there is a bright blue driver’s seat offset by grey passenger seats, highlighted with navy contrast stitching and painted navy edging.

McLaren Speedtail Stratosphere interior

Visionary offers moody but striking shades with surprising opulent touches. One of its themes is Astral, which draws inspiration from Britain’s nautical history. Navy blue dominates the interior, with the passenger seats cloaked in nubuck and the driver’s seat full aniline leather. Quilted navy-blue aniline leather is used on the upper trim. The exterior is done up in orange with silver pinstripe, with visual carbon fibre badging inlayed with 18-carat white gold.

Dynamic is meant to convey sporty, futuristic and sumptuous themes. One of its themes, Bloodline, is distinguished by an unhindered swath of red on the exterior, gloss black diamond cut wheels edged in light copper and showing silver calipers. The interior features a full aniline red driver’s seat offset by semi-aniline white passenger seats. Steering wheel, shift paddles, window and door bezel surrounds are all in quartz white.

McLaren Speedtail Bloodline interior

The themes will help owners envision the personalization of their cars to the smallest detail, though all feature body and interior panels finished in satin or gloss, interwoven in gold visual carbon fibre or anodised aluminum, and contouring and pinstriping to accentuate the flow of the bodywork. Interior options include nubuck and aniline leather, carbon fibre surfaces and 18-carat white gold accents.

“Whilst only 106 customer cars will be built, it is important that each one is unique, so this tailored collection is quite simply, like no other,” says Jo Lewis, McLaren’s Head of Colour and Material Design. “As a result of meticulous study of colours, forms and textures by our design team, finding inspiration in areas that are uncharted in automotive design, we believe that we will achieve this with the look and feel of each individual Speedtail.”

McLaren Speedtail Bloodline

Each owner will be assigned a Bespoke Liaison Manager to help bring their visions to life, including access to McLaren Special Operations (MSO).