Millennials want vehicles that are like themselves

Mini USA survey shows 39% say current vehicle is version of themselves

Published: August 25, 2017, 9:30 PM
Updated: November 21, 2021, 3:08 PM

The "Business Manager" - The Business Manager has two key roles. As an administrator, he or she reviews the customer’s credit application and discusses various finance options, and also checks the licensing and other legal requirements of the province. The other task is to sell the buyer an array of products that are meant to “add value” to the ownership experience.

The thinking that Millennials don’t want to own cars may not be entirely correct, as a recent survey indicates they don’t want cars that don’t match their personalities and personal lifestyle choices.

A recent Mini USA/Orc International Caravan Omnibus survey of more than 1,000 American Millennial drivers revealed that 39% say their current vehicle is a version of their persona, and another 21% said they want more options in new cars in order to make their purchases their own.

“We’ve always known our consumers value creativity. In fact, the Company’s bi-annual cross-country road trip, “Mini takes the States,” is a testament to the thousands of ways owners can and will personalize their Minis,” said Patrick McKenna, Department Head of Brand Communications at Mini USA. “You can walk through the parking lot of more than 500 Minis and not (two) of them (are) the same.”

Trying to do its part, Mini claims to offer over 10 million personalization combinations (racing stripes, premium upholstery, wheels, contrasting roofs and mirrors, etc.), ensuring that every owner is happy with the unique presentation of their cars.

The survey also found that cost is a major consideration for Millennial new-car buyers, with 42% taking into consideration the cost of buying or leasing a new vehicle. Also, 21% said they research safety ratings when considering a new vehicle.

The online study sampled 1,017 adults (505 men and 512 women), demographically representative of the US.