Mini goes Pro with app camera control

Camera obsessed? Control your GoPro through Mini operating system

Published: June 22, 2014, 3:00 PM

Mini Go Pro app

If you've got an iPhone, a Mini and a GoPro, chances are you've been itching for a way to put them all together. Wait no more, as Mini has just released through the Apple App store a free app that lets you use the operating system of your car to get the ultimate high-tech selfy.

Shoot videos or take pictures with a GoPro camera mounted inside or out, so you never have to miss a shot dealing with the pesky task of driving. Racing enthusiasts especially will appreciate the ability to control camera functions through the high-res colour display on the on-board computer and the joystick or controller in the centre console.

Cars must be fitted with a Radio Mini Visual Boost, nav system or Professional nav system, and have the Mini Connected option. The integration of app and operating system takes place through the iPhone, while the signal exchange with GoPro uses a WLAN connection for wireless control. A menu on the on-board computer lets operators start or stop the camera and set the shooting mode. A choice of video and single-image shots, as well as photo series and special modes are available. The battery camera's charge state is also displayed, along with remaining recording capacity. A preview image from the camera's perspective is displayed when the car is stopped.

Mini is the first car in the world whose operating system can be used to control the popular leisure and sports-oriented cameras.