Mini offers a sneak peak into its future

Mini Vision concept is said to showcase elements of future Mini design

Published: July 26, 2013, 1:00 PM
Updated: April 29, 2018, 3:06 PM

Mini Vision

Mini introduced a concept car called the Mini Vision this week at the Mini Design@Home event held in Munich, Germany. The presentation was based around a virtual 3D hologram.

This form of expression is used by designers to test and fine-tune creative ideas quickly and under realistic conditions.

According to Anders Warming, head of design for the brand, the Mini Vision, previews a sampling of visionary design and innovative ideas that could appear in future production vehicles.

The design of the Mini Vision blends elements of the brand’s past with future-focused innovations. The hexagonal radiator grille, for example, is inspired by the classic Mini, with both the bumper and auxiliary lights integrated into the grille.

Traditional Mini forms include elliptical full-LED headlights with their outer ring fulfilling the daytime driving light function.

Another signature Mini feature is the clear separation of the roof, greenhouse and body areas. The chrome strip wrapped around the top of the body, the side indicator element and the band around the lower edge of the car are all traditional Mini styling elements.

In the Vision, they are integrated into flowing, interconnected unit, with a textured metal surface, giving it something of an exo-skeleton appearance.

The car’s lightweight body includes an aerodynamic air intake and outlet around each front wheel arch, airflow-optimized wheels and exterior mirrors and an integral, air-channelling roof spoiler.

Inside, an open cockpit, wide doors and a "floating" centre console give the occupants t the sensation of open space, in spite of it being a space-saving small car.

Traditional elements include elastic fabric straps on the insides of the doors – arranged like the stripes of the Union Jack flag – which are designed to hold a magazine, mobile phone or drinks bottle within easy reach.

The fresh layer of variability added by the MINI click system offers additional scope for customising the interior. Smartphone holders, a storage box, cup holder or small safe can be attached and removed in a single movement as and when required.

Innovations include interactive gadgets such as a Driving Experience Control switch that allows the driver to choose between a pure and focused or fully-interconnected mode, distinguished by different ambient colour environments.

A highlight of the fully-interconnected mode is a "Mini Disco" floor, which displays a variety of colours, light and forms in the footwells. The Driving Experience Control switch also changes the face of the familiar Mini circular central display between either a classic, analog-style view or a 3D look.

The Vision is finished in a unique, shimmering gold-tinged orange tone, while the interior is trimmed in a dark-blue fabric recalling the properties of a high-quality suit.

Look for many of the elements of the Mini Vision to be incorporated in the next-generation production model.