New BMW 3-Series wagon coming to Canada

When it arrives here in spring 2013 it will be known as the BMW 3-Series Sport Wagon

Published: May 17, 2012, 8:00 AM

BMW has revealed a wagon variant of the 3-Series in Europe and BMW Canada confirms that it will be sold in here.

Like the current model, it's called the Touring in Europe and will go on sale there later this year. When it comes here, however, probably in spring 2013, it will be known as the 3-Series Sport Wagon.

No word yet on engine choices, but if they parallel what's currently offered in the sedan, they would include 181-hp (320i) and 241-hp (328i) variants of a twin-turbo four-cylinder and a 300-hp twin-turbo in-line six (328i).

Initially, the 328i is the only gasoline variant being offered in Europe. Of course, there are also diesels in Europe and BMW did offer a diesel in the previous generation 3-Series in Canada, so one can hope.

Like the new sedan, the wagon is a bit bigger than its predecessor, with wider front and rear tracks (37mm and 48mm respectively) and a 50-mm increase wheelbase. Inside there is said to be more room for rear-seat passengers – 17 mm extra knee room and 9 mm more headroom – and for luggage.

A key cargo feature is a 40/20/40 split rear seat that accommodates two rear-seat passengers at the same time as long cargo items such as skis or snowboards.

Six distinct trim levels are offered in the Euro model, including an M-Sport variant. Currently, the 3-Series sedanis offered in four trim levels in Canada.