New Volkswagen Golf makes it easy to keep your cool or to get hot

Smart Climate controls make it easy to call for instant temperature satisfaction

Published: January 16, 2020, 10:00 AM
Updated: November 17, 2021, 3:44 PM

2020 Volkswagen Golf

Have you ever been caught in the yoyo climate control cycle? Where you feel cold, so you raise the temperature only to find it too hot 10 minutes later, or having to demist the windows, which causes warm air to blow away from your body? Volkswagen has a solution for that in the new Golf.

The new Smart Climate controls in the new Golf allow touch and voice controls over temperature functions such as air distribution, and also over seat heating controls. And, it will allow users to temporarily adjust temperature without having to change the general settings.

Users can choose to raise the temperature manually, using slide controls, or by voice simply by asking the temperature to raise or lower by a number of degrees. However, the brilliant part happens when the system adjusts itself temporarily when users simply say they are cold or warm, or their feet are cold.

When it happens, say when your feet are getting cold, you simply say, “warm feet” and the system redirects warm air to the foot well, but only temporarily, defaulting back to the general settings after a few moments. Similarly, if you find the windshield fogging up, you say, “clear view” and the system redirects air to clear up the windshield before defaulting back to the previous setting.

The system also responds to commands such as “there’s a draft” or “it’s stuffy.” And with multiple microphones, the system can recognize if it is the driver or passenger wishing to alter the temperature and change only the settings for that seat occupant.

Volkswagen identified the most often used needs of passengers and created quick menus to allow them to quickly and efficiently alter what they need — clear view (demist windows), warm feet (warmer air to the footwell), warm hands (warmer air via the vents of the dash panel), cool feet (colder air into the footwell) and fresh air (cool breeze flows through the vehicle interior).

The Smart controls are standard issue for the 3-zone climate control (Air Care Climatronic), which is optional equipment on the new Golf.