Nissan Leaf ready to go back to the track

New Leaf Nismo RC features more than double its predecessor's power outputs

Published: November 30, 2018, 4:20 PM
Updated: November 21, 2021, 2:57 PM

NIssan Leaf Nismo RC

Nissan is getting the Leaf electric vehicle back on the track, with the creation of an all-new Leaf Nismo RC.

The new Leaf Nismo RC (for Racing Competition) features all-wheel drive and more than double the power output of its predecessor (unveiled in 2011). It will debut officially this weekend and six cars will be deployed around the world to promote electric performance at various racing events.

"The all-new LEAF NISMO RC shows how we're setting our sights even higher when it comes to raw power and performance – making electric vehicles even more exciting for customers," said Executive Vice President Daniele Schillaci, Nissan's global head of marketing, sales and electric vehicles. "It's our most thrilling expression yet of the philosophy of Nissan Intelligent Mobility."

The car uses two independently managed 120-kW electric motors (one on each axle, making 472 lb-ft of torque) to create the all-wheel drivetrain, and a high-capacity lithium battery and inverters. The placement of the battery, motors and inverters contribute to perfect weight balance, enhancing handling.

Overall weight is just 1,200 kg, thanks to the multitude of lightweight components on the full carbon-fibre monocoque structure. It al results in impressive acceleration of just 3.4 seconds for the zero to 100 km/h sprint.

The revised 3-piece bodywork features removable front and rear sections, fixed windows, LED lights front and rear, and an adjustable rear wing. And though is has a passing resemblance to the street-version Leaf, the Nismo RC actually sits more than 300 mm shorter from roof to road.