Porsche to offer limited-production 911 Club Coupe

Only 12 of these unique Club Coupe models will be sold worldwide

Published: May 28, 2012, 12:15 PM
Updated: November 22, 2021, 3:46 PM

2012 Porsche 911 Club Coupe

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first Porsche Club, founded in Germany in 1952, Porsche is offering a very-limited-edition model, called the 911 Club Coupe, for sale only to Porsche Club members.

The original club had 13 founding members, so that's the number of new Club Coupes that will be built. One of those will be retained by Porsche so only 12 will be sold. It be offered in all markets worldwide with the exception of China and India..

There are now more than 181,000 Porsche Club members around the world so the 12 lucky buyers will be chosen by a legally certified draw.

If you are a Porsche Club member, you can register for that draw until July 16, 2012 at If you should win the right to purchase a Club Coupe, the price of the vehicle will be $200,400 (Cdn).

With a newly developed Powerkit upgrade to 430 hp, a SportDesign exterior package and a refined interior, Porsche Excusive has made the Club Coupe an extensively individualized car.

It is painted "Brewster Green," as are its 20-inch SportTechno wheels, and illuminated door entry guards bear the model designation and anniversary logo. In addition, its exclusivity is underlined by trim bearing the customer's name.

As well as offering this special model, the Porsche Club anniversary will be honoured by a special exhibition, "60 years of Porsche Clubs," at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.

It will run until August 26, 2012 and, in addition to 12 vehicle exhibits, will feature rare photographs, personal documents and small exhibits from club members.

Also shown in the Porsche Museum for the first time as part of the special exhibition will be the 911 T Coupé. Last year, Porsche Classic experts were commissioned by the Porsche Club of America to restore a 1973 vintage US version of this model, which was raffled among American Club members.