Rallycross breaks the mile barrier

Barbados rallycross track stretches nearly 2 km, adds camelback jumps

Published: September 27, 2015, 12:00 AM
Updated: April 29, 2018, 1:37 PM

Olsbergs MSE driver Joni Wiman leads teammate Sebastian Eriksson over a jump at one of the two Red Bull Global Rallycross races in Daytona, Florida on June 22, 2015. - Olsbergs MSE driver Joni Wiman leads teammate Sebastian Eriksson over a jump at one of the two Red Bull Global Rallycross races in Daytona, Florida on June 22, 2015.

The Red Bull Global Rallycross series has broken the mile barrier with the announcement that the coming round in Barbados will be contested over a track that stretches 1.1208 miles (about 1.8 km).

Bushy Park Barbados rallycross track layout

The track is at Bushy Park Barbados, and marks the first time in the Red Bull GRC series history that a race has been run on a track longer than a mile. The circuit deviates from last year’s contest, though an extension of the off-road portion over the Karcher Bridge/Tunnel. Highlights include two new passing zones and a “camelback” jump that will likely see cars get some serious hang-time over the two successive jumps.

Competitors launch from an offset area down a front stretch that will see some hit speeds of 210 km/h before a dog-leg left leading into a pair of right-angle right turns with a short chute between them. The course follows the Bushy Park road course around a 180-degree couple turns onto a shorter back straight before setting off on the loose-surface section coated in coquina (crushed coral), around a sweeping left hander that will put their drifting skills to test before a dog-left right into the camelback jumps.

Then it’s back on pavement over the bridge before a right-angled left hander back onto the paved road course that takes them to a tight right hand turn 11, onto a short chute leading to the right-angled right hander turn 12 that takes them back onto the front straight and the finish line.

Drivers will of course be able to take the Kobalt Tools Joker Lap once per heat, semi-final, repechage (last chance qualifier) and final race. The Joker Lap follows the paved road course (last year’s course) following the sweeping loose-surface turn 8, by-passing the camelback jumps. The Joker Lap is not available on the first lap of each race.