Replacement for Jaguar XF to debut in 2015

The new XF will be built on a lightweight aluminum platform and feature XE styling

Published: December 9, 2014, 2:05 PM
Updated: November 23, 2021, 11:55 AM

2014 Jaguar XFR S - 2014 Jaguar XFR S

An all-new Jaguar XF will make its world debut at the New York International Auto Show next April, according to Britain's Autocar magazine. The new model is scheduled to go on sale in the fall of 2015.

In appearance, it is expected to follow the pattern established by the smaller XE to maintain a cohesive family identity, albeit scaled up and made more luxurious.

Ditto on the inside, where the XE has developed the template. Jaguar's highly touted new infotainment system, with its proprietary InControl Apps, will be front and centre.

The new XF will be based on the same aluminum-intensive scalable platform architecture as the XE, enabling it to be lighter and larger at the same time.

Expect Jaguar's new Ingenium family of engines to be the base powerplants but more sporting XFR and XFR-S models are likely to follow.