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Texas couple add two unique Vipers to nest

Retired couple add “1 of 1” coupes to collection to take running total to 79

Wayne and D'Ann Rauh visited the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit July 24, 2015 to take delivery of their unique new Viper GTC coupes.

A Texas couple has taken delivery of a two one-of-a-kind Vipers, as part of the Viper “1 of 1” customization series.

The program allows Viper GTC buyers to customize their purchases in more than 50 million ways, including 16.000 unique paint options and more than 48,000 unique striping combinations. The end stipulation is that no two model year Vipers can be configured the same way.

Now you may be thinking that unique means only one and in effect that’s what Wayne and D’Ann Rauh did … they each took delivery of a unique Viper – his is copper with black stripes; hers is purple with white stripes; nobody else will get those colours for a 2016 model year Viper. That in itself is surprising because his favourite Viper theme is blue with white stripes and hers is black on yellow. How can they make such an assertion?

You see, the Ruahs are not new to Viper. They now own 79 of them in what is described as the world’s largest Viper collection. When the “last” Viper came off the line in 2010, it went to D’Ann (gold with copper stripes), as did the first 2013 Launch Edition Viper (blue with white stripes) when the car was reimagined as a supercar.

The couple’s garage also includes a Viper custom painted with the head of Medusa, and Spiderman and Darth Vader themed coupes to promote respective films. Mr. Rauh told The Wall Street Journal in March 2015 that the two aren’t collectors; they “just love the Viper and what it stands for.”

The couple owned an oil-transportation business but are now retired.

The couple visited the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit (where every Viper is handmade) July 24, 2015 to take delivery of their new Viper GTCs.

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