Toyota launches 2015 Yaris

"Emotional" design is first application of new thinking

Published: May 31, 2014, 7:00 PM
Updated: November 22, 2021, 4:13 PM

2015 toyota yaris

Toyota launched the new 2015 Yaris recently, calling attention to the co-operation between its European Product Planning Department and Research and Development Division based in Brussels, and its European Design Centre at Sophia Antipolis near Nice.

We're not sure what "the first tangible application of the new thinking advocated by the Global Vision revealed in 2011 by Akio Toyoda" means, but apparently it has something to do with more distinctive styling, an improved interior, and some major work to the suspension and sound insulation. The Canadian Yaris continues with its 1.5-litre gas powertrain.

Toyota developed the car in Europe after in keeping with its new strategy to create specialist hubs in each global region; with its penchant for compact cars, Europe has taken a leading role in development of its A-, B- and C-segment vehicles.

Toyota has invested more than $115 million and half a million hours of R & D into the new Yaris, coming up with more than a thousand new parts designed by Toyota Motor Europe to contribute 75% to its creation. Its previous European contribution amounted to 25%.

Appearance and sensory quality must be emphasized in order to appeal to the European B-segment and North American subcompact segments, according to its research.

Although "made in France by European engineers for European customers," you too can own one, although it might not look exactly like the one shown here.

Ours gets a 6.1-inch display audio multimedia system as standard, a more fluid exterior, more soft touch materials inside and significant improvements to its NVH.