Toyota named Best Global Green Brand

Seven other automakers also rank in the world's Top 50 Green Brands

Published: June 28, 2012, 5:00 PM

Toyota retained the number one position in the second annual Best Global Green Brands report, published this week by Interbrand.

Other automakers to make the top 50 Green Brands included Honda (3), Volkswagen (4), BMW (10), Ford (15), Mercedes-Benz (16), Hyundai (17) and Nissan (21).

The report gauges the gap between public perception of a brand’s environmental performance – its "green image" – and its actual environmental practices, using publicly available data and information, compiled by Deloitte for Interbrand, based on 82 individual sub-metrics..

Interbrand is the world's largest brand consultancy, established in 1974.

The study credits Toyota’s achievement to the fact it continues to make environmental sustainability a core priority and it cites the expansion of the world’s first mass-produced full hybrid vehicle, the Toyota Prius, into a full family of models as a further success story for the company.

Worldwide sales of Toyota’s full hybrid vehicles passed four million at the end of April this year.

Toyota says this is a landmark year in the development of Prius, with the introduction of the Prius C, Prius V and the forthcoming Prius Plug-in hybrid, alongside the established, third- generation Prius hatchback.

This extension of the range to create a family of models makes the environmental benefits of Prius’s hybrid technology available to a wider range of customers, with different needs.

Toyota has also just announced the addition of a hybrid model to its flagship Avalon line, joining the Camry and Highlander Hybrids and the various Prius family members.