Toyota to unveil lead-up to Supra at Geneva

Latest concept from Toyota rumoured to be closest to production Supra

Published: February 13, 2018, 8:55 PM
Updated: February 16, 2018, 7:54 AM

Toyota Concept Supra teaser

Toyota has practically confirmed its intent to produce a new Supra, though it hasn’t come right out and stated such.

1996 Toyota Supra

The company released a teaser image of the concept it intends to unveil at the Geneva Motor Show in a couple weeks, in a brief statement that was headlined “At the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, a modern racing concept signals Toyota’s commitment to bring back to the market its most iconic sports car.”

The text of the release went on to elaborate … “Get the full scoop on March 6th at 3:45 a.m. (EST).” That was it.

Toyota FT-1 Graphite Concept

It is believed this will not yet be the production car or even something close to production, but rather the latest evolution of a concept, the FT-1, got Supra fans all atwitter about the return of the iconic sports car that started life in 1978 as a Toyota Celica derivative, and went out of production in 2002.

There are some rumours floating around about what kind of engine can be expected for the new car when it arrives, with the most interesting coming from Japan’s Best Car magazine, which reports it will be powered by a German-built inline 6-cylinder engine making over 300-hp.

1981 Toyota Supra (Credit: Wikipedia/An unusual eye)

This makes sense in that (a) the car is reported to share underpinnings with BMW’s new Z-Roadster, and BMW is a master at inline-6 engines; and (b), Supras have always been powered by straight-6s, starting with a 116-hp 2.5-litre unit and culminating in the 276-hp 3.0-litre twin-turbo unit of the then-final generation (1993-2002).

There are other rumours, including a suite of engines ranging from 4-cylinders to V-6s to a V-12, but we think that would make sense only if Toyota were making a new Celica and topping it off with a Supra, but then why involve BMW in the development of a mass-market sport coupe. Another rumour has an all-wheel drive car powered by a hybrid V-6 powertrain that would allow Toyota to massage output to over 400.

Toyota FT-HS Concept

From the limited view of the rear deck of the new concept, it’s obviously an evolution of the FT series of concept sports coupes that started with the FT-HS (for Future Toyota Hybrid Sports) of 2007, and culminated in the FT-1 concept of 2014.

The Supra rumour mill started with the FT-HS, with fans eager to see the sleek and sexy coupe come to production but not as a hybrid. Little was known of the FT-1, other than it was a front-engine/rear-drive platform. The length of the hood, though, indicated room for a straight-6.

1992 Toyota Supra (Credit: Wikipedia/Allfans26)

We expect the new concept to continue Toyota’s penchant for ambiguity up to the time a production car is announced, but it will again be nice to see a sleek new shape that could maybe someday soon bear the Supra name.