Volkswagen exposes electronics in e-Golf

eGon is an e-Golf with exterior removed, to show complexity of electronics

Published: May 5, 2019, 10:30 PM
Updated: May 12, 2019, 4:27 AM

Volkswagen is making vehicle technology accessible to everyone in the concept eGon, a cutaway e-Golf that exposes all the electronics that go into a modern electric vehicle.

Volkswagen eGon with e-Golf

On display at IdeenExpo — a science and technology gathering for youth — in Hanover June 15-23, the fully-functional concept was created by Volkswagen vocational trainees, who are on hand at the exposition to pass on information about technical training at the company.

“Projects like this encourage motivation among the vocational trainees and are great fun at the same time,” says Christoph Görtz, Head of Vocational Training at Volkswagen. “They not only transfer training content, they also encourage trainees to take a high level of responsibility, to show initiative and to create something tangible of their own that they can be truly proud of.”

Volkswagen e-Golf - Volkswagen e-Golf

The eGon is an e-Golf with the exterior shell removed, so attendees can see the complexity of an electric vehicle at work. Further information on individual components is accessible by scanning QR codes via an iPad.

“The eGon model is very complex and required lots of different skills,” said Justin Pausch, an automotive mechatronics technician in training. “Our team was made up of eight vocational trainees from different trades.”