Volvo adds mobile washing service to Volvo On Call valet suite

Volvo Car Mobile Wash allows customers to book a mobile wash at home or office

Published: December 28, 2019, 6:30 PM
Updated: October 11, 2021, 10:27 AM

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Volvo is adding another customer perk to it Volvo On Call in the UK, allowing owners to use the mobile app to book a car wash through the mobile valet service.

The first car company in Europe to offer such a service, Volvo Car Mobile Wash allows owners to choose the level of service they want, and the date, time and location at which the vehicle will be washed by the professionals at GoWashMyCar, the UK’s largest mobile car wash service. Customers will be informed when the car-washers arrive so they can unlock the vehicle via the mobile app, and then lock it up again when they finish.

“Working with the expert team at GoWashMyCar, we have designed this new service to be hassle-free for our customers and to provide them the kind of premium-quality valeting their car deserves,” said Mike Johnstone, Volvo Car UK’s Marketing Strategy Director. “It is another example of how we can use the technology and peace-of-mind security of Volvo On Call to make life easier.”

Prices for the service start at £22 (about $38 Canadian) for a simple wash or a mini-detailing job for £39 (roughly $67), which is expected to be the most popular option. service also includes a quick health check — tire pressure and tread-depth check, windshield washer top-up, coolant level check and exterior body-panel inspection.