VW Arteon offers protection from rear-enders

Stopped vehicles hit from behind account for high injury rates

Published: May 12, 2017, 10:30 PM
Updated: May 19, 2017, 1:38 PM

Volkswagen Arteon Pre-Crash proactive occupant protection

The New Volkswagen Arteon, the fastback sedan that will replace the CC, is rich in technology and some of it is stuff you probably don’t want to do without, such as pre-crash proactive occupant protection.

The latest pre-crash system is unique in that it can detect danger from behind, protecting cabin occupants from often quite-serious injuries that result from rear-ending, where a stopped vehicle is rammed into from behind by another.

When there is a warning, it comes from the driver of the stopped vehicle seeing a car in his rearview mirror that is closing the gap far too quickly. The problem is that all too often, there is no warning sign and the first indication there may be something wrong is the thud and jolt of impact.

Volkswagen is working to alert occupants of an impact from behind by using the Side Assist sensors, which traditionally look at what’s happening beside and behind your car during overtaking manoeuvres, as part of the blind-spot detection driving aid by gauging the position and speed of the vehicles in the driver’s blind-spot.

In a similar manner, the system judges the position and speed of a vehicle coming up behind the Arteon and if it senses and impact is imminent, it alerts cabin occupants to an impending collision with lights and sounds. It also fires the belt pre-tensioners and closes the sunroof and all windows (except for a narrow gap that actually improves the bracing effect of the head airbags).