VW SUV concept points to upcoming Touareg

Full-sized sport utility concept to debut at Beijing Auto Show

Published: April 17, 2016, 9:30 PM
Updated: May 26, 2016, 6:37 AM

VW Concept SUV

We’re still awaiting final confirmation of what the new Volkswagen 7-seat SUV will be named and even what it may end up looking like when it comes off the line and already VW is showing off its next generation of utility design.

VW Concept SUV taillights

A new Volkswagen luxury SUV concept (as yet unnamed), which may end up being a full-size replacement for the current Touareg, is scheduled for introduction at the Beijing Auto Show next week, with the Wolfsburg-based company releasing teasers of several cues (most notably lighting) while calling it one of the most advanced luxury SUVs in the world.

The company is also putting “sport” at the heart of the elegant design, and increasing the level of digitalization with modern drive-by-wire technologies and displays increasing the level of interactivity between user and machine.

Outside, the level of sophistication is evident in the design and presentation of lights front, side and rear, which adds a futuristic edge to the SUV with LED turn-signal indicators in the side mirrors, LED arrowhead indicators in the taillights, and an LED strip along a centre cross member in the grille, which seems to connect the headlights.

VW Concept SUV side

The exterior seems to mimic design cues in other recent VW products, especially evident in the low profile headlights and full width grille, and the creased rear fenders (like a modern interpretation of the wings on old sedans).

Inside, a lounge-like interior welcomes occupants who will find a complete suite of infotainment options available within easy reach.

And the powertrain provides the same level of technology, with a plug-in hybrid system delivering a combined 376 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque and reportedly achieving a combined economy rating of 3.6 L/100 km (on the European cycle).

The CrossBlue Concept (on which the new for 2016 SUV built in the U.S. will be based) used two electric motors to feign 4-wheel drive and delivered 305 hp with an equal amount of torque, while returning a reported 2.7 L/100 km. So, based on power and economy results, we’re going to assume this new concept uses a larger internal combustion engine (the CrossBlue used the turbo 2.0-litre 4-cylinder, so the concept likely uses the 3.0 turbo V-6).

The concept SUV is reportedly able to travel on electricity alone up to 50 km. Zero to 100 km/h is said to take an even six seconds, and it’s able to hit a top speed of 224 km/h.