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20 odd trucks to celebrate Ugly Truck Day

July 20 is annually celebrated to recognize ugly trucks, vans and SUVs

Although its origins are debated, Ugly Truck Day is widely celebrated every July 20 to give recognition to the ugliest trucks to ever grace public roads. Read More

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Mercedes recreates land-speed-record car that never did

T 80 was designed by Ferdinand Porsche to attempt to surpass 600 km/h Read More

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PHOTO GALLERY: 18 great images from the NY-to-NS Great Race

2018 vintage-car rally covered 3,500 km from New York to Nova Scotia Read More

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A brief history of Japanese cars made in Canada

Did you know that all these Japanese cars have been built in Canada? Read More

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An Inside Look at the Cars of the Petersen Automotive Museum

VIDEO: Check out one of the most valuable automotive collections in the world. Read More

Great Race to finish off in Nova Scotia on Canada Day

2018 vintage-car rally begins in Buffalo June 22 and finishes in Halifax

More than 110 vintage cars and trucks will make 3,800-km trek, with 17 stops in New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Read More

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9 iconic models that became their own marques

When a model shows growth potential, it sometimes needs to branch out

Throughout history, legendary auto makes have created legendary models, such as Beetle, Corvette and Supra. Sometimes, those models need their own space Read More

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British company bodyshells make Mini restoration easier

Brit company BMH makes MK1 bodyshells from original British Leyland specs

Shells cost £9,950 (roughly $17,000 Canadian), making them a cost-effective solution for people restoring classic Minis, many of which are approaching 60. Read More

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11 Cars Stars at The Peterson Museum "Hollywood" Gallery

Let’s take a look back in time at some of these famous “car” stars.

Automobiles play a large part in all of our lives, on and off screen. Not only do they make us memories, they make film history by becoming some of the most notable props ever featured on film. By Allie Marsh Read More

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Early autonomous car goes to auction

Ahead of its time, Golden Sahara was most expensive custom of early '60s

Among its features were pearlescent paint, massaging front seats, instrument panel display screen, on-board phone, and a system to drive it remotely. Read More

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Volvo to showcase Sir Roger Moore's 1800 S

Famous Saint coupe will be on stage at Techno-Classica Essen in Germany

Not the original car in The Saint television series, the Pearl White 1800 S coupe was bought by Moore in 1967 and used in the series until its finale. Read More

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70 Years of Porsche celebrated at Toronto auto show

Iconic models on display trace the marque’s rich heritage through seven decades

Porsche is celebrating 70 years of building iconic sports and racing cars with a special exhibit at the 2018 Canadian International Auto Show. Read More

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Goddesses and gazelles highlight classic car display at CIAS

Art and the Automobile exhibit focuses on mascots and emblems as well as cars

Fourth annual Art and the Automobile exhibit, presented by Cobble Beach Concours d’Elegance, features automotive jewelry as well as automotive jewels. Read More

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Exotic cars fuel dreams at Toronto auto show

AutoExotica collection on display is valued at more than $100-million

Whatever your automotive dreams, you’re sure to find something to fuel them at the 2018 Canadian International Auto Show. Read More

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Harley-Davidson vs Indian: The Beginning of a Rivalry

The century-long friendly rivalry boasts historical achievements for both manufacturers

From bicycles to minis to racers, Harley-Davidson and Indian have long battled for top brand recognition in the American motorcycle industry. By Allie Marsh Read More

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Very rare Aston Martin DB4 ready for new owner

London classic experts Hexagon Classics undertook $381,000 restoration

Blu Scozia Mk1 DB4 was third right-hand drive DB4 to come off the line at Newport Pagnell, and was originally prepared and upgraded by Aston aficionado. Read More

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20 cars immortalized in song

Like heel and toe, cars and song work well together

Since the first radio was installed in a car, driving and music have been intrinsically linked. Listed here are 20 songs that celebrate the vehicle. Read More

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70 Years of Ferrari at the Petersen Museum

Special exhibit traces Ferrari’s storied history of road and race cars

The Petersen Museum pays tribute to Ferrari with a special exhibit of 10 of marque’s most important models, called “70 Years of Ferrari.” Read More

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Inside Ypsilanti’s orphan car museum

Featured cars include Corvairs, Hudsons, Kaiser-Frazers and even a Tucker

The Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum feature cars that are automotive orphans, all with strong connections to the Ypsilanti area. Read More

Inside the Ford Piquette Avenue Museum – Home of the Model T

Before the moving assembly line, the Model T was born and built at Piquette Avenue

The history of the iconic Ford Model T and its antecedents is preserved in the plant on Detroit’s Piquette Avenue where it was born and first built. Read More

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Cobble Beach classics that surprise and delight

Fifth annual Cobble Beach Concours d'Elegance showcases exceptional classic cars

With more than 100 exceptional cars in the Concours plus an added event, Cobble Beach 2017 was a spectacular showcase of automotive excellence. Read More

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Classic cars to see at 2017 Cobble Beach Concours d’Elegance

The fifth annual Cobble Beach Concours d'Elegance takes place this weekend

More than 100 classics, hand-selected from private collections across North America, will take part in this traditional extravaganza of excellence. Read More

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Latest classic Jaguar E-type is electric

E-type Zero a Series 1.5 Roadster restored to original specifications

Engine bay houses 220-kW motor (295 hp) and 40-kWh lithium-ion battery weighing, and located, similar to the original engine/transmission combination. Read More

Future Cars Classic Cars Sep 7, 2017, 10:30 PM

Behind the closed doors of the GM Heritage Center

Each of the more than 600 vehicles in the collection represents an important GM milestone

General Motors maintains a collection of some of its most historic vehicles within its Heritage Center but it is not open to the public. Read More

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DID YOU KNOW - Chevy had a V-8 engine before 1955?

The first Chevrolet V-8 engine was introduced for model-year 1918, not 1955

Chevrolet introduced an overhead-valve V-8 engine in its 1918 Model D, before the company became part of General Motors in 1918. Read More

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Cars and Coffee comes to the Cobble Beach Concours

New event expands the scope of Canada’s prestigious classic car weekend

Cars & Coffee at Cobble Beach, presented by Segal Motorcar, will take place on Saturday September 16th, as part of the Concours d’Elegance weekend. Read More

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Stepping back in time at the wheel of the original Ford F-Series pickup

The best way to know how far you’ve come is to look back to where you started, which for Ford’s F-Series pickup line is the original F-1. Read More

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Classic cars reign at the Concours d’ Elegance of America

Here are some highlights from the recent St. John’s event for you to drool over

The recent Concours d’ Elegance of America at St. John’s is one of the three truly great classic car Concours held annually in the United States. Read More

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100 years of Ford pickup trucks

Nine years after the first Model TT, Henry Ford introduced the Model TT pickup

From the very first 1917 Model TT to the 2017 F-150 Raptor, blue-oval branded trucks have come a long way in 100 years! Read More

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The race cars of the Henry Ford Museum

From Old 999 to Indy, NASCAR and Le Mans winners, there’s something for every race fan

It’s not surprising that Henry Ford’s museum features a multitude of race cars for his business was founded on his racing success. Read More

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Just how much do Subaru owners love their Subies?

Enough to gather by the hundreds with others of their own ilk to share their enthusiasm

The Toronto Subaru Club’s annual Hyper Meeting is a fundraising event in support of Ronald McDonalds Children’s Hospital in Toronto. Read More

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The autoeROTic art of a dead-car graveyard

What is just junk to most becomes art through the lens of the right photographer

Tales of days gone by permeate the hues of patina of every rotting corpse in a hidden auto cemetery on Ontario’s Niagara Escarpment. Read More

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Meet the “Duchess”: A 1941 Cadillac built for a King

This custom-bodied Cadillac is now part of the Plunkett collection near London, Ontario

The “Duchess” is a custom-bodied limousine, built by GM for England’s King Edward after he’d abdicated the throne in 1936 to marry Wallis Simpson. Read More

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Classics mix with hot rods at Fleetwood Country Cruize-in

Eclectic annual car show organized by Steve Plunkett attracts thousands of cars

The 12th edition of the annual Fleetwood Country Cruize-in, near London, Ontario, attracted more than 4,500 vehicles and thousands of spectators. Read More

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