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General Motors and Honda to partner on EV batteries

Honda will work with GM’s next-gen battery system to help find efficiencies

Two will work to develop future generation of batteries that will hold more charge in a smaller package, and charge more quickly, mostly for North America. Read More

Green Cars Auto Technology Jun 9, 2018, 6:30 PM

Porsche on mission to create Tesla-rival Taycan

Eurasian-derived name reportedly translates roughly as “lively young horse” Read More

New Cars Luxury Cars Green Cars Jun 8, 2018, 2:30 AM

UK study finds hybrids fall way short of economy ratings

Some plug-in hybrids missed their advertised ratings by almost 6 L/100 km Read More

Fuel Economy Green Cars Jun 6, 2018, 2:30 AM

Movin'On summit exists to facilitate change

Global summit seeks solutions to ensure mobility is sustainable Read More

Green Cars Auto Industry Jun 5, 2018, 3:10 PM


15 newsworthy displays at Michelin Movin'On

Sustainable-mobility summit featured an array of the latest innovations Read More

Green Cars Autonomous Driving Jun 4, 2018, 11:05 AM

Electric paratransit bus unveiled in Montreal

Zero-emissions mini/midi-bus made global debut at Michelin Movin'On summit

Lion M all-electric, 200-hp paratransit "kneeling" bus (dropping 82.55 mm) is capable of 120- to 240-km range, depending on choice of LG Chem batteries. Read More

Green Cars Commercial Vehicles Jun 3, 2018, 2:30 AM

Volkswagen looks to electrify transport trucks

German government to subsidize project to use power lines by heavy trucks

Heavy-goods vehicle (HGV) test is conducted by VW (which will supply trucks) and Siemens (which will supply the means to acquire electricity on the fly). Read More

Green Cars Commercial Vehicles May 30, 2018, 2:30 AM

Subaru makes Crosstrek its first plug-in hybrid

Crosstrek Hybrid will pair Toyota Hybrid System (THS) to Boxer engine

In addition to the 2.0-litre flat-4 engine, the 2019 Crosstrek Hybrid will retain Subaru’s Symmetrical All Wheel Drive, but will add a new transmission. Read More

Green Cars New Cars May 13, 2018, 2:30 AM


Kia shows off new Niro EV ahead of Paris Motor Show

EV version identical to current hybrid with unique grille, front fascia

New-gen powertrain uses 39.2 kWh lithium polymer battery to offer 240 km of range, with option to move up to 64 kWh battery pack and 380 km range. Read More

Green Cars Auto Shows New Cars May 8, 2018, 2:30 AM

Report says UK considering Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle ban

Autocar and FT report says government considering EV range requirements

Alleged requirement of 80.5-km (50-mile) electric range would exclude almost all of PHEVs currently on the roads, including the top-selling Toyota Prius. Read More

Green Cars Auto Industry May 7, 2018, 2:30 AM

Volkswagen aims for the clouds with latest EV

I.D. R Pikes Peak will attempt hill-climb record for electric cars

The I.D. R Pikes Peak is a lightweight (less than 1,100 kg) fully-enclosed super sports car whose 2-motor powertrain makes 680 hp and 479 lb-ft of torque. Read More

Motor Sports Green Cars Apr 23, 2018, 2:30 AM

Walmart to double EV fast-charging stations at stores

Electrify America signs deal to add DC 350-kW fast chargers at 100 stores

Charging systems installed will be first-ever certified cooled-cable 150 to 350 kW DC Fast Chargers, providing about 32 km for every minute of charge. Read More

Green Cars Fuel Economy Apr 19, 2018, 12:00 AM


Buick unveils electric concept in China

All-electric Envision bears little resemblance to current Buick models

Technological features include a head-up display that seems to project on the entire windshield, making navigation route an augmented reality feature. Read More

Auto Shows Future Cars Green Cars Apr 18, 2018, 2:30 AM

Ford hybrid delivers a greener shade of blue

Hybrid quicker to 160 km/h than Ford’s long-serving Crown Vic police car

Ford’s Police Responder Hybrid has earned thumbs-up in independent police vehicle testing by the Michigan State Police and the Los Angeles Police Dept. Read More

QUICK LOOK: 2019 Range Rover P400e PHEV

New plug-in hybrid will become flagship of Range Rover luxury SUV line

Range Rover PHEV switches seamlessly between electric and gas power, and uses both much of the time, though pressing a button keeps it all-electric. Read More

Green Cars Automotive Reviews Mar 27, 2018, 7:00 PM

Sky's the limit for Audi autonomous vehicles

Pop.Up Next a 2-seat cabin that can be coupled to a wheel base or a drone

Audi, airplane-maker Airbus and engineering and design firm Italdesign, have teamed up to create an electric micro-car that can soar above the traffic. Read More


Ford shifts strategies to focus on hybrids, SUVs

New faces include include Shelby GT500, Bronco, F-Series HD and Ranger

Ford brass announced it’s revamping product portfolio, replacing 75% of existing models and adding four new nameplates, including two new off-road SUVs. Read More

Auto Industry Green Cars New Cars Mar 16, 2018, 7:55 PM

VW Group commits to 16 EV production facilities

VW currently produces EVs at 3 plants and plans to add another 9 by 2020

As part of “Roadmap E,” VW has announced plans to have 80 electric nameplates among various brands, and build up to three million EVs annually, by 2025. Read More

Auto Industry Green Cars Mar 14, 2018, 2:30 AM

Smart EVs to become first Mercedes EQ models

Electric Fortwo coupe and cabriolet only Smart models sold in Canada

The Smart EQ models (which also includes Forfour not sold in North America) will be joined next year by the EQC (based on Mercedes-Benz’s concept EQ). Read More

Auto Shows New Cars Green Cars Mar 7, 2018, 3:30 AM

VW to introduce its EV Vizzion in Geneva

Vizzion sedan will be fourth member of Volkswagen's I.D.line of EVs

Premium sedan will measure 5.11 metres long, use two electric motors (one on each axle) for a total of 225 kW, and get 665 km from its 111 kWh battery. Read More


Hyundai road tests autonomous driving FCEV

Three fuel-cell EVs completed Level 4 autonomous 190-km highway drive

Test vehicles were based on production Nexo, except they were fitted with additional cameras and LIDAR (LIght Detection And Radar) for autonomous driving. Read More

Autonomous Driving Green Cars Feb 4, 2018, 10:30 PM

VW diesel scandal takes on bizarre animal testing twist

Netflix documentary charges monkeys were exposed to tailpipe emissions

VW, with BMW and Daimler, reportedly helped fund firm that commissioned experiments exposing macaques in sealed chambers to diesel tailpipe emissions. Read More

Car Safety Green Cars Auto Industry Feb 1, 2018, 9:15 PM

FIRST DRIVE: 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV a game changer

The Outlander PHEV has the potential to shake up the compact SUV segment

With the efficiency, technologies and features it offers, the Outlander PHEV has the potential to truly shake up the compact SUV segment. By Clare Dear Read More

Automotive Reviews New Cars Green Cars Jan 31, 2018, 7:55 AM

Infiniti plans for an electrified future

Plans to adopt electrification in 2021, aims for half global sales by 2025

Powertrains will evolve from current generation, and will use small gasoline engines to charge high-output batteries, so vehicles don’t have to plug in. Read More

Green Cars Auto Industry Jan 27, 2018, 10:10 PM


Mach 1 points to high-performance Ford EV

Though historically linked to Mustang, name considered for crossover EV

Auto show teaser video enough to induce storm of social media speculation that Tesla-fighting high-performance electric Mustang coming at turn of decade. Read More

Auto Shows Green Cars Jan 15, 2018, 9:30 PM

Toyota shows off future of commercial vehicles

Open concept autonomous electric vehicle to be available in three sizes

Open-control interface allows companies to install their own automated driving and vehicle management systems, researched and tested to suit their needs. Read More

Kia to debut new EV crossover concept at CES

All electric sub-compact crossover will also debut new technologies

Teaser images released by Kia peg the name at Niro — its new hybrid crossover for 2017, with plans to add plug-in hybrid and all-electric versions. Read More

Hyundai to unveil next-gen FCEV at CES

Debut coincides with partnership with autonomous technology firm Aurora

Hyundai will use the debut of the new fuel-cell crossover to unveil several new technologies, including a new Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). Read More

Auto Shows Future Cars Green Cars Jan 4, 2018, 1:30 AM


Racing prepares for electric and driverless cars

Future of motorsports will create excitement on different levels

Not everybody will be pleased with all racing series, but the new generation of consumers will embrace changes because of relevance to their beliefs. Read More

Hyundai adds Plug-In Hybrid to Ioniq lineup

Ioniq unique in offering three distinct powertrains on same platform

PHEV has electric range of 47 km and overall range of about 1,050 km, and economy rated at 4.5 L/100 km in hybrid mode and equivalent of 2.0 in EV mode. Read More

Green Cars New Cars Dec 24, 2017, 2:30 AM

QUICK TAKE: 2018 BMW i3s ups the ante for compact EVs

We sample the joys and delicious quirks of BMW’s pure electric hatchback

Price aside, there are no other cars like the four variations of BMW’s i3 and they might be the very best you can get today, for city driving. Read More

New Cars Luxury Cars Green Cars Dec 20, 2017, 7:45 AM

25 things you need to know about Honda’s new Clarity PHEV

There's no fuel-cell but the plug-in hybrid version of the Clarity is offered in Canada

The all-new 2018 Honda Clarity PHEV adds to a small, but slowly-growing list of plug-in hybrid passenger vehicles now available in Canada. Read More

New Cars Automotive Reviews Green Cars Dec 18, 2017, 9:45 AM


Quick Take: All-electric 2018 Nissan Leaf

More power, more range and more conventional styling highlight the all-new Leaf

The new Leaf has a nominal range of 241 km, which puts it squarely between the more expensive Chevrolet Bolt/Tesla Model 3 and other competitive EVs. Read More

New Cars Green Cars Dec 12, 2017, 11:55 AM

Volkswagen announces compact SUV as first next-gen EV

I.D. Crozz concept will inspire Tiguan-size SUV expected for 2022

Four-door SUV coupe shared stage with original I.D. concept concept and I.D. Buzz that points toward new MagicBus, which will follow the SUV to market. Read More

Auto Shows Future Cars Green Cars Nov 28, 2017, 10:45 PM

Who will fix those millions new electric vehicles?

UK research shows just 1% of technicians trained on EVs or hybrids

Governments are allotting multi-millions to EV development and charging infrastructure, but no announcement has yet been made about technician training. Read More

Green Cars Nov 23, 2017, 9:30 PM

Audi to start making diesel from water in 2018

e-diesel from new Swiss facility an integral part of Audi fuels strategy

Hydropower separates hydrogen and oxygen in water molecules, with the hydrogen then reacting with CO2 to form long-chain hydrocarbons refined into diesel. Read More

Green Cars Nov 9, 2017, 2:30 AM


San Diego shops turning classic cars into EVs

AC Cobra, BMW M3, Ferrari 308 and VW Beetle have all been electrified

Southern California shops are buying up electric components from crashed electric vehicles and using them to convert classic cars to hybrids and EVs. Read More

Green Cars Nov 5, 2017, 9:30 PM

Polestar brand unveils its first car, the Polestar 1

Line will be supplemented in following years with mid-size sedan and SUV

Hybrid coupe features supercharged and turbocharged 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engine driving the front wheels, and two 80-kW electric motors at the rear. Read More

New Cars Green Cars Oct 17, 2017, 10:30 PM

UK partnership aims to release electric network data

Anticipated EV growth expected to tax power capacity of local networks

OpenLV project wants to open up local electricity usage data to give network operators information about levels of capacity available to charge EVs. Read More

Green Cars Oct 9, 2017, 10:30 PM

GM, Nissan map out their electric-power futures

GM to launch 20 new EVs by 2023; Nissan to provide free power to owners

New GM EVs will use battery-stored or hydrogen-fueled electricity, while Nissan’s bi-directional charging lets owners draw from the grid and sell back to it. Read More

Green Cars Oct 2, 2017, 9:55 PM