Weather Driving

14 ways to prepare for driving in extreme cold

Your vehicle doesn't like really cold temperatures any more than you do

Knowing what to expect and being prepared just might make the difference between a bit of discomfort and deadly disaster. Read More

Eight tips for driving safely this Fall

Canada's most beautiful season brings with it its own driving challenges Read More

Tips for driving in extreme winter weather

It pays to know what kind of weather is coming and prepare in advance Read More

London Taxi goes to the Arctic Circle

All-new electric range-extended range cab due in third quarter of 2017 Read More

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Hot Fords take the chill out of winter

2017 F-150 Raptor 4X4 pickup and 2017 Focus RS hatchback, meet snow! Read More

First Drive: New Volvo V90 Cross Country star on home ice

Bred and born in Sweden, it will feel right at home in Banff, Kapuskasing or Chicoutimi

Volvo chose the frozen roads and lakes of Sweden to show how capable, comfortable and exciting the V90 Cross Country can be even in harsh conditions. Read More

New Cars Weather Driving Feb 13, 2017, 5:05 AM

At Porsche Camp4 winter driving is all about control

Even if it is too slippery to stand, you can control a car with the proper technique

Porsche’s Camp4 winter driving program is more than just a fun time with some great cars, it can literally be a life-saver. Read More

Sleet or freezing rain? Here's how to handle them

Be patient, slow down, be smooth, to arrive safely when roads turn to ice

When road surfaces become skating rinks, even vehicles with winter tires, all-wheel drive and anti-skid technologies can’t always cope. Read More


13 tips for driving safely in winter whiteouts

Plan ahead and check weather forecasts before setting out on the road

Look for special notices and storm warnings that may include both snow and wind for the two together can compound an already treacherous situation. Read More

Winter driving tips from a pro

Forget the fear, says veteran driving instructor Danny Kok, “you can be in control.”

Driving instructor Danny Kok shares some of his expertise on how to overcome fears of winter driving and be more confident behind the wheel. Read More

Driving Tips: Pickup trucks and winter

Proper tires and weight distribution are keys to maximizing control in winter

There are two key factors that help ensure your pickup has the greatest amount of grip or traction possible – tires and weight. Read More

10 fun AWD winter beaters for under $12K

A good used AWD crossover offers the benefits of AWD at an affordable price

A small crossover offers the benefits of AWD without the lofty price or heavy fuel consumption of a big SUV – and it’s even more affordable used. Read More

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McLaren goes ice driving

Pure McLaren Arctic Experience is set for January 2017 in Finland

Program runs between January 15 and February 3, at a cost of about $20,000 Canadian per person for a 3-night event. McLaren owners get first bookings. Read More

Mercedes sets up winter program in Manitoba

AMG Winter Sporting advanced driver training comes to Gimli in 2017

Course on Lake Winnipeg to be modelled on famous racetracks around the world, including Canadian Motorsport Park (formerly Mosport) and Mont-Tremblant. Read More

16 ways to improve your fuel economy

Everything matters when it comes to reducing fuel consumption

Fuel economy depends on everything from the vehicle itself to weather, road and traffic conditions to the driver’s skills and attitude. Read More

Spring cleaning how to… for your car

Winter has typically been tougher on our vehicles than on our homes

With winter finally releasing its tentacles from most of the country, it’s time for ‘spring cleaning’ your car as well as your home. Read More

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Crazy times with the Nissan Rogue Warrior!

Nissan's funky Rogue Warrior swaps wheels for snow tracks

The Nissan Rogue Warrior is a rugged variation of the Rogue crossover that can conquer otherwise unconquerable weather conditions in its path. Read More

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Winter all-wheel-driving in Subaru's sedans

In the snowy winter all-wheel-drive rules but you don't need an SUV or crossover

Subaru's Impreza and Legacy sedans feature AWD, just like their CUV/SUV counterparts and competitors, and they tend to get better fuel consumption. Read More

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New foam snow brush clears snow without a scratch

Garant Telescopic Snow Brush brings new functionality to an essential tool

Winter may be more than half over on the calendar but there will be plenty of snow to brush and ice to scrape yet. Read More

Auto Accesories Weather Driving Feb 22, 2016, 1:40 AM

Mazda Ice Academy demonstrates AWD attributes

Mazda's i-ACTIV all-wheel drive combines precise control with sporty dynamics

Mazda's all-wheel-drive vehicles are designed to engage the driver with a sense of total control, making driving more than just getting from A to B. Read More


Ford first to test autonomous vehicles in snow

The future of autonomous driving can't rely on ideal weather and operating conditions

Ford claims to be the first automaker to test fully autonomous vehicles in winter weather, including snow – an important step towards full autonomy. Read More

Mopar takes the hassle out of winter tire changeover

Winter wheel assemblies from Mopar include winter tires, steel rims and TPMS

Mopar, the aftermarket parts and service division of FCA Canada (formerly Chrysler), has come up with a program to simplify winter tire installation. Read More

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Range Rover SVR takes to the ice

Jaguar Land Rover replicates Silverstone track on frozen Swedish lake

Polar explorer and ice-racing novice Ben Saunders got instruction from former rally champion Minna Sillankorva and took to the ice on Lake Udjaur. Read More

Auto Industry People Weather Driving Nov 28, 2015, 11:00 AM

Winter tires tested – conclusively!

Tests dramatically confirm the advantages of winter tires in Canadian conditions

National tire retailer Kal Tire commissioned a series of independent tests to rate and review new passenger vehicle tires in winter conditions. Read More

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Michelin offers winter driving training for teens

The problem teens face in winter driving is that they can't gain experience in advance

Michelin Canada is offering a pair of winter driving events in Montreal and Toronto developed specifically for teen drivers in advance of the season. Read More

Safe Driving Tips Weather Driving Oct 23, 2015, 10:50 AM

BEHIND THE SCENES: Cold testing with Ford... in Florida!

Ford vehicles undergo extensive testing in U.S. military’s huge climatic laboratory

In addition to controlling the temperature, the facility can also create rain, freezing rain, wind, fog, sand and dust storms and solar radiation. Read More

All-Season performance tires aren't an oxymoron

BFGoodrich g-Force COMP-2 A/S sets new standard for all-season performance tires

In tests against several key competitors, the new BFG g-Force COMP-2 A/S line delivers superior acceleration, braking and control. Read More

Hyundai does all-wheel-drive

Hyundai now offers two distinct types of all-wheel-drive systems

Winter demo drive in Quebec's Baie-Saint-Paul region showcases the performance of 2015 Hyundai Genesis and Santa Fe XL all-wheel-drive systems. Read More


Is this the ultimate snowmobile?

Nissan Juke NISMO RSnow makes tracks across Lapland

This one-off snow-buster is undaunted by -35C temperatures or 50 centimetres of powder and capable of running at more than 85 km/h in the white stuff. Read More

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DRIVING TIPS: How to deal with windy conditions

Wind is an often overlooked factor that can affect driving safety

High winds can lead to potentially dangerous situations regardless of a driver's experience or skill level. Read More

How to keep car windows from fogging on the inside

Recirculating moist interior air creates fog or frost on the inside of the glass

Turning off the 'Recirc' control on the climate control system will significantly reduce the tendency for fog or frost to form inside the glass. Read More

Safe Driving Tips Car Care Weather Driving Jan 20, 2015, 10:30 PM

How to boost your car battery safely

The long-term solution may be a new battery but the immediate one is a set of jumper cables

It's Murphy’s law in action: you will only experience a dead battery at the worst possible moment on the coldest day of the year. Read More


12 New Year's resolutions for drivers

Resolutions drivers can make to ensure safer passage through 2015

Think of the actions of other drivers that raise your blood pressure or result in crashes and resolve to avoid those actions. Read More

What’s the story on all the different headlights?

After decades of slow evolution headlamp technology is advancing at almost the speed of light

Automotive lighting evolved at a snail's pace through most of the 20th century but over the past 20 years the technology seems to have advanced at the speed of light. Read More